New Horizons in Materials Discovery and Physical Properties
23rd-26th May 2023, Kilconquhar Castle Estate

At present we are planning for 20 minute presentations for each
speaker in order to leave ample time for discussions and questions in each session.

Tea and coffee will be available continuously throughout the sessions.


–12:30 Lunch–

13:50 Welcome

14:00 Session 1 – Opening Session

Bill David, Oxford
Bake to the Future

Paul Attfield, Edinburgh
New materials from high pressure

Andrew Green, UCL
Attempts to put condensed matter models on quantum computers

–Tea break–

16:00 Session 2 – New Theoretical Advances

Aria Mansouri Tehrani, MIT
Computational Design Approaches for Solid State Materials

Stewart Clark, Durham
Making non-local exchange local in density functional theory

Chris Pickard, Cambridge
Accelerating the computational search for new materials through data derived energy landscapes

–19:00 Dinner–

Wednesday 24th May – Day 2

8:45 Session 3 – Superconductivity

Sven Friedemann, Bristol
High-pressure Superconductivity and Fermi Surface in TiSe2

Malte Grosche, Cambridge
Superconductivity beyond the conventional Pauli limit in high-pressure CeSb2

Andrew Huxley, Edinburgh
Half quantum vortices and unconventional superconductivity in UAu2

–Tea break–

10:45 Session 4 – Theoretical Advances in Quantum Materials

Joseph Betouras, Loughborough
New developments on higher order van Hove singularities

Bernd Braunecker, St Andrews
Inducing superconductivity in the chiral quantum Hall edge

Jorge Quintanilla, Kent
The theoretical foundation for quantum state tomography of magnets

–12:15 Lunch–

13:30 Session 6 – Advancing Materials Control and Discovery

Lucy Clark, Birmingham
Synthesis-Dependent Structure-Property Relationships of Quantum Materials

Tomo Takayama, MPI-FKF
Materials development in spin-orbit-entangled transition-metal compounds

–15 min Tea break–

Jamie Neilson, Colorado
Exploiting Entropy in Functional Materials Discovery

John Irvine, St Andrews
Studies of Hydride Ion Lattices and Mobility

–Tea break–

16:15 Session 5 – Insights into Itinerant Systems from Spectroscopies and Theory 

Phil King, St Andrews
Interplay of magnetism and spin-orbit coupling in V1/3NbS2

Peter Wahl, St Andrews
New tools for atomic-scale characterization of quantum materials: constraining microscopic models through STM-based magnetostriction and spectroscopy

Chris Hooley, St Andrews
Is loop-U(1) symmetry the key to the theory of quantum critical metals?

–19:00 Dinner–

Thursday 25th May – Day 3

9:00 Session 7 – Complexity in Structural

Mike Hayward, Oxford
Tuning ferroelectric and magnetoelectric behaviour by cation exchange

Jürgen Nuss, MPI-FKF
Electron Localization in Intermetallics

Julia Payne, St Andrews
Linking Structure and Properties in Energy Materials

–Tea break–

11:00 Session 8 – Developments in Materials and Intertwined

Robin Perry, UCL
Opportunities in ​new material families:​ Single crystals of ​ternary metal sulphides

Roger Johnson, UCL
Magnetic field-tunable electric polarization from frustrated
anisotropic symmetric exchange on the bipartite quadruple perovskite

Seunghyun Kim, MPI-CPfS
Synthesis of locally noncentrosymmetric superconductors

–12:30 Lunch–

14:00 Session 10 – Progress in Quantum & Functional Materials

Otto Mustonen, Birmingham
Tuning magnetism in oxides using nonmagnetic cations

Emma McCabe, Durham
Multifunctional polar materials

Arkadiy Simonov, ETH
Disorder as a control variable in materials design

–Tea break–

16:00 Session 9 – New Concepts in Functional and Energy

Josh Makepeace, Birmingham
New design concepts for high activity heterogeneous

Finlay Morrison, St Andrews
Structural instabilities in ferroelectrics

Jan-Willem Bos, Heriot Watt / St Andrews
New Directions in Thermoelectric Materials

–19:00 Dinner–

Friday 26th May – Day 4

9:00 Session 11 – Closing Session I

Maia Garcia Vergniory, MPI-CPfS / Donostia
The Topological Materials Database: latest progress and framework for correlations

Andrew Goodwin, Oxford
Complexity by Design

Russell Morris, St Andrews

–Tea break–

11:00 Session 12 – Closing Session II

Siân Dutton, Cambridge
Jahn Teller distortions in NaNiO2

Peter Littlewood, Chicago
Materials for Energy Applications

Russell Ewings, ISIS
New Horizons for Neutrons and Muons


–12:30 Lunch–